Dawid Gaweł Résumé


I’m a Web Developer from Wrocław, Poland. I built my first website in 2005. Since then I haven’t stopped learning and building things for Web. I always try to understand ‘causa finalis’ of what I do. I don’t develop products for users, I do that for people. I thrive in design-oriented environments.

Technical skills

Front-end Development

Semantic HTML, CSS, JavaScript, RWD, design systems, Web APIs, technical SEO.

Front-end performance, security, builders and bundlers, pre- and postprocessors (Less/Sass/PostCSS), JS frameworks (Vue/React), web animations (GSAP).

Static site generators, headless CMSes, Jamstack, platforms (Netlify).

Back-end Development

PHP (Laravel/WordPress), JS (Node), Python (Django), relational databases.

Lambda functions, edge workers.

Computer Science

Algorithms and data structures, cryptography, networking protocols, programming paradigms, operating systems.

Other Tools

Git, GitHub, Docker.

Figma, Sketch.



Senior Web Developer / Tech Lead, Jan 2017 — present

LiveChat is an established SaaS used by 34k+ companies worldwide. We develop customer service oriented products (LiveChat, ChatBot, HelpDesk, KnowledgeBase). I’m a lead developer in Marketing Team, taking care of our web presence. Notable achievements include:


Software Engineer, Jan 2016 — Dec 2016

IDENTT is a leading company offering identity fraud prevention solutions. I joined a new branch of the company, focused on automated ID verification system. My job was to help integrate work of different teams and shape the final product so we could find the first paying customer. It allowed me to contribute on the variety of levels:

After 11 months since I joined we signed the first deal.

Max Planck Institute for Software Systems

Research Intern at CISPA, Saarbrücken, Germany, Jul 2015 — Sep 2015

Thanks to my results at the university, I was invited for a computer security research project at CISPA: MATor ― monitoring anonymity of Tor network. We tried to quantify Tor anonymity with a special focus on how the path selection algorithm affects anonymity. I was part of a group that developed Tor data analysis software used in research. My contribution was:


Web Developer, Oct 2011 — Jul 2015

Chop-Chop.org provides web development services for agencies and freelance designers. During my work there I delivered over 70 complete websites, based on provided design, for clients around the world. Other activities included:

In the last year there I was selected as a solo developer for an experimental research group (3 people). We tried to create a product branch of the company (premium WordPress plugins). It was a very successful project:


In Search of Jamstack Search

Jamstack Conf, 2020

Introduction to Static Site Generators

Jamstack Wrocław Meetup, Wrocław 2018

Hype Driven Development

4Developers Conference, Warsaw 2017

Practical Security for Small Business

Wrocław Business Society, Wrocław 2016

Other activities

Jamstack Wrocław Meetup

I started and co-organize a local meetup dedicated to Jamstack. We meet and discuss modern web development since 2018.

Social Activities

As a tech person who cares and engages socially I was involved in several activities, including:


Occasionally I’m hired as a consultant, mainly in the following areas:

Research Publications

Apollo - End-to-end Verifiable Internet Voting with Recovery from Vote Manipulation {read}

D. Gawel, M. Kosarzecki, PL. Vora, H. Wu, F. Zagorski. 2016


Technical University of Wrocław

Computer Science at Faculty of Fundamentals Problems of Technology, 2011 — 2016

Diploma Project: “Web Applications Security. Helios Voting system attacking and securing”.

Technical School of Electronics in Rzeszow

Computer Technician, 2007 — 2011

Specialization: Programming of usable applications. Graduated magna cum laude.



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